Work With Me

I currently offer 3 programmes to help you to get you where you want to go…

Achieve Action


Ever thought you had a really good idea?

Want to earn money from your hobby?

Could you do with another set of eyes?

Together we get your ideas and thoughts on to paper, decide what you want to achieve and set a target/goal

The sooner you get started the sooner it will become a reality!

2.5 Hours

Price £99

Achieve the Dream

I know what I want to do but I don’t know how…

Over 4 sessions we will work together to work out where you want to be, by when and how to get there. We may identify new skills you need, what your strengths are and how to manage your weaknesses. 

We break down your fears of what you want to do! 

Build your Confidnece to start your dream.

10 hours 

Price £350

Achieve Change


Wish you had someone to discuss issues with confidentially?

Wondering how to scale your business?

Over an entire year together we identify and work through your business barriers so you can take action to change.

This programme will lead you and your business to a better place.

6 sessions a year, plus additional support via email and phone


Price £499

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