Values; The principles and standards that guide us


We believe the world should have a sustainable future, so we will always meet the needs of the present but we will try to do it in a way that doesn’t compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


We believe financial profit isn’t the only way to measure success, so we will always consider the triple bottom line (people, planet and profit) and try to take it into account in our decision making.


We believe the use of natural resources needs to be well-managed, so we will always consider the environmental consequences of the choices we make in the way we run our business.


We believe fairness makes the world a better place, so we will always try to be fair in the decisions we make and always enjoy working with clients who do the same.


We believe in the power of a good conversation, so we are always ready to have a friendly chat and a cup of tea.

A quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed your recent presentation at the Ewyas Harold U3A meeting. Your cheerful and witty style kept the entire audience engaged the whole time while you seamlessly fused elements of anecdote and detailed management best practice.

I came away full of admiration both for the work you have invested in building your business and the depth of knowledge you have of marketing, customer support and finance.

Glenn - Ewyas Harold U3A